About Us

About Us


Why Brandon Legal Tech LLC?


Countless clients and courts have trusted Brandon Legal Tech regarding court reporting services in Connecticut and across the USA.  For over 40 years, we have provided court reporters, videographers, interpreters, courtroom playback, and transcription services to our clients.

Our dedication to confidentiality and privacy, coupled with our accurate and timely delivery of all jobs taken, makes us a leader in our industry. 


What to look for regarding video deposition services in Hartford and Stamford, CT?



Videotaping depositions is a specialty of Brandon Legal Tech. Our in-house videographers have decades of experience with every aspect of recording, editing, and playing back your video jobs.  Some of the advantages we offer are:

CLVS certification.  Certified Legal Video Specialists are highly trained in videography, and our videographers carry this certification.

Fast turnaround.  We can hand you the rough video at the job, and the final the next day, if ordered.

Our team will work with you to edit your video files and produce a professional final product for use at trial or arbitration.

Syncing text to video.  We can sync the video to the text file and allow you to view the text scroll on the screen as the video is played. This helps the jurors or fact-finders follow along and eliminates the possibility of missing any of the testimony.



Court Reporting Services in Hartford and Stamford CT


Our services include:

  • Court Reporting
  • Videotaping and Playbacks
  • Transcription of Audio and/or Video Files, delivered in multiple formats
  • Online Scheduling and Online Repository
  • Scanning and Linking of Exhibits
  • Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing
  • National and International Scheduling

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