Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cover the entire state of Connecticut?

Yes, we have offices in Hartford and Stamford, with complimentary conference rooms in all locations.  We can also provide sessions in your office or other locations should circumstances require that flexibility.

Do you cover other states?

Yes, we have partners in all 50 states and Europe.  Call us for all your out-of-state jobs and we will arrange the court reporters, videographers, interpreters, conference space, all at no charge, and confirm with you once it's all done.

Do you provide realtime and streaming services?

Yes, our reporters can provide daily copy, instant copy, text and/or video streaming to any location with working Internet.  Call us for a quote or demo.

Do you provide trial services?

Yes, we were the first Trial Director bureau in Connecticut and have participated in over 100 trials and arbitrations to date.  We can provide the hardware for the courtroom, scan and link your exhibits, help you build the trial database, and sit by your side during trial, or train your personnel and be on standby status.  Call us for a quote.

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