Litigation Support

Litigation Support


Transporting boxes of documents and exhibits to court is both burdensome and unnecessary.  Scanning and downloading your exhibits into Trial Director lets you present your evidence in a way that judges and jurors appreciate, electronically, which is fast, impactful and efficient. 

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Our team can either sit by your side at trial, or be on call to assist when needed. We can train your staff in how to use Trial Director in court, or be with you throughout the proceedings. However you decide to utilize our services we will assure that your documents and exhibits managed and organized from beginning to end.


Litigation Support and Document Management



Online Repository.  Brandon Legal Tech has a secure online repository allowing you to access your documents any time from any computer.  Encrypted, username and password protected, your documents are secure and protected, and you designate who may view or download them.


Litigation Support Services in Hartford, CT

- If and When?



Not all lawyers may need litigation support at all time.  However, defining if and when can be a challenge too.  At times when multiple individuals are involved and a large sum of money is at stake, concerned parties have to exhaust all means to have a smooth trial.  And since documentation, scheduling, and exhibit management will be large-scale, litigation support is needed.

The lack of expertise to deal with the aforementioned complications can result in a problematic trial.  Lawyers often need court reporting services in Stamford CT, along with litigation support.  Here are some of the situations when litigation support is indispensable:

  • Pressing need for deposition assistance
  • The case is starting to drag
  • Mountains of documents are involved
  • The case includes a particular domain (e.i. medicine, science, tech, etc.)
  • Managing the schedule is proving to be burdensome
  • The exhibits need to be accessible and secured at all times

In addition to court reporting services in Stamford CT, litigation support services also are needed for many cases.  Brandon Legal Tech has presented more than 75 high-stakes cases over the years.  This just proves that litigation support has an invaluable contribution to winning or losing a case.


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